custom gutter installation service columbus ga

Prevent Damage to Your Home and Foundation

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Gutters and downspouts are designed to divert water runoff away from the home's foundation. Without the protection of gutters, rain can cause many damages to your home and it's foundation, including foundation cracks, wall and ceiling cracks, soil erosion, flooding under the house, and water damage to siding or staining on brick and stone masonry. With our lifetime guarantee, you and your home will always be protected.

While gutters are important in maintaining the integrity of your home, old-fashioned gutters were an eyesore. During the gutter installation process, our experts make sure to color match the exterior of your home so that your gutters add elegance. We want our customers to view our premium, custom-built gutters as "crown-molding" for the exterior of the home.

In most areas, professional gutter systems are not required by the state on new homes, but they should be. Most contractors will just leave them off to save on the cost of material, kicking your future problems down the road. If you don't have gutters, or you're thinking of replacing your old gutters, call the experts to handle your unique situation.

custom gutter installation service columbus ga

Seamless, Custom-Built Gutters

In the last several years, 5-inch and 6-inch K-style seamless gutter troughs have become the most efficient systems over older half-round configurations. While the size of the gutter trough to catch runoff is important, our experts also manage downspouts as a major component of efficient drainage. If the gutter can quickly run storm water away from the roof and the water encounters a choke point at the downspout, then the width of the gutters will make little difference. When evaluating your home for gutters, our experts will recommend the correct downspout placement as part of your total gutter system for efficient drainage.

We recommend 6-inch K-style seamless gutters for most houses in the greater Columbus, GA area. Six-inch troughs can hold twice as much water as traditional 5-inch gutters; therefore, 6-inch gutters prevent more damage to your home and surrounding property than 5-inch systems. Six-inch gutters are also recommended for homes with steeper roof pitches and homes with certain roofing materials that offer less resistance to flowing water, such as tile, cedar, standing seam metal, and slate or plastic composites. 5-inch gutters systems on homes with these roofing materials can be easily overwhelmed with large amounts of water because the water encounters less resistance on the roof while approaching the gutters.

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